Gwyneth Wesley Rolph

Name: G. (Wesley Rolph) Gwyneth
Profession: Coach, Coach
Specialty: Study skills coaching


Study skills coach and peak performance/stress management counsellor

Residence: London
Country: United Kingdom
Languages: English
E-mail address: [email protected]
Additonal information: I have a particular interest in coaching gifted adults whose study skills may be weak due to never having been appropriately challenged at school. Never having had to strive to learn, coming to class already knowing the material, or finding the lessons so simplistic they understand everything on the first pass, often leaves gifted students ill-equipped for the challenges they face at high school or college level. I have experience in tutoring students of every ability level in study techniques, however, as a gifted learner who had been left to coast along in school and ended up dropping out, I have a personal insight into this situation! My practical techniques will give you all the tools you need to learn any study material or develop any skill, and turn obstacles to learning into positive challenges.