Het Consult

Name: Mrs. Mrs. J. () Terwiel
Profession: Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist
Specialty: Ample diagnostic/therapeutic experience with gifted individuals in private practice


I'm gifted myself. The fast-paced information exchange gifted people need is obviously no problem. I'm familiar with the social and emotional side-effects of being gifted. Lately I've been diving into the matter of the difference between being good at things just because of generally being gifted, versus having a really specific talent or inclination. As I see it, many gifted people find it hard to choose a pleasant occupation partly because of this and not just because they never seem to fit into the social surroundings.

Residence: Amsterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish
E-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: #31 6 1141 2444, #31 6 1141 2444
Additonal information: Language(s): English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch all fluent; German near fluent, French reasonable