Coaching/counselling clients to develop a relationship with their own giftedness

29 and 30 March 2017: two day masterclass for coaches and counsellors who work with gifted adults.

Until now, there has barely been any attention for the question which interventions are effective in coaching and/or counselling gifted adults . This is a still underexposed terrain worldwide, despite the growth of the need for coaches for gifted adults. The Dutch Gifted Adults Foundation (IHBV) decided it is time to do something about this: with a two-day masterclass for coaches and counsellors coming March 29th and 30th in “Het Huis” in Utrecht in the Netherlands.

The IHBV invited two inspiring psychotherapists who both have decades of experience in guiding and treating gifted adults: Lisa Erickson from Seattle (US) and Maggie Brown from New-Zealand. Both are delighted to come to The Netherlands to share their knowledge with other professionals who work with gifted people. A unique chance for share their elaborate knowledge of gifted adults concerning coaching/counselling that fits them; both for people in The Netherlands and other European countries.

Program and themes:
This Masterclass will contain the following topics:

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NB. ​ Maggie Brown’s session on day 2 “A Life of Being Different: What we need to know about Cumulative Relational Trauma (CRT) and its impact on gifted adults” is fully booked.

The program will start in two groups of different experience levels.

Level 1: For those who have limited experience with and/or are not yet versed in typical giftedness issues. This program is very appropriate both for those who are already experienced in the coaching profession itself (though not necessarily with the gited), or who still feel inadequately trained in the relevant aspects of giftedness, and fot those coaches/counselors who have unly just finished their coaching/counseling education.

Level 2: For those who already are highly experienced and versed in the coaching/counselling of gifted people. The typical giftedness issues, needs and characteristics are presumed well known . These will have no more than brief attention during the Masterclass at this level.

Participants of level 1 will first follow the introduction session by Lisa (“Working with the gifted client: a closer look”). After this, the other workshops will also be accessible to them, except for the session “A Life of Being Different: What we need to know about Cumulative Relational Trauma (CRT) and its impact on gifted adults” by Maggie Brown, which is aimed at the highly experienced giftedness-coaches/counsellors.

About the speakers:

Maggie Brown
Maggie Brown offers over 30 years of experience as a counselor coach and therapist. She focused her practice on gifted adults after becoming aware of the serious problem of misdiagnosis, and is passionate about sharing her experiences and what she has learned. Presentations are aimed at helping coaches and counselors develop skills to work well with their gifted clients. Maggie uses clinical case examples and a lively interactive style. A gifted woman herself, and the mother of a gifted son, Maggie understands the courage and creativity required to step out of the box to make a difference.

Lisa Erickson
Lisa Erickson has been a psychotherapist for 40+ years. She has a private practice in the US specializing in gifted adults with a particular focus on the relationship between giftedness, childhood trauma and addictions. For many years Lisa has taught and trained other mental health providers on giftedness, addictions and a variety of other topics. Lisa enjoys helping adults integrate giftedness into their sense of self. She knows from personal experience what a difference this knowledge can make. She is delighted to be in the Netherlands.

This two-day masterclass:

  • Will be held in English
  • Takes place on Wednesday March, 29th and Thursday March, 30th 2017
  • Time: 10:00 – 17:00 pm (local time) (reception starts at 09.30 hrs)
  • Place: “Het Huis” in the center of Utrecht
  • Lunch included
  • Wednesday evening has deliberately been kept free of scheduled activity, so to enable participants to meet up on their own initiative and share experiences and wishes. A list of restaurants and sleeping accommodations will be provided.
  • Participation amounts to €395,- for both days (€250,- for one day only.)

This masterclass provides professional continuing education (CE) to professional coaches and or counselors, so there is no room to go into participant’s personal situations during class. By registering you conform you work professionally as a coach and/or counselor.

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