The gifted adults foundation IHBV publishes leaflets based on frequently asked questions.
These leaflets are one-paged documents about a specific theme in relation to giftedness.

The leaflets of the Gifted Adults Foundation form, together with for instance articles and presentations, one of the ways in which the Gifted Adults Foundation distributes knowledge on giftedness in adults.
These leaflets may be shared only in their complete version and with a reference to the source (IHBV website). Using parts of the text or other ways of using them is not allowed.

The following leaflets are available in English:

Title Theme Target group
Not everyone is average! Gifted seniors less lonely through recognition Gifted seniors and the people around them
Am I gifted or not? Do you wonder if an IQ test will be of any use? Gifted people
Gifted, and more Do you have doubts about a possible psychiatric diagnosis? Gifted people
Too much too young? A tricky period riddled with important decisions Gifted youngsters
Clever patients can be difficult for doctors How gifted patients can communicate effectively with their doctors Gifted people
Got stuck because a worker is too clever? How to recognise gifted people when it comes to work issues? Occupational physicians, professionals working in reintegration
I know I’m right! What role does giftedness play in a work conflict? Gifted people
Extremely smart, but still having problems? Information about giftedness for students at college and university Students at college and university
Extremely smart, but still having problems? Information about giftedness for teachers and student advisors at college and university Teachers and student advisors at college and university
Employer, cherish your talents! The role of giftedness in the origin of a work conflict Managers, supervisors, HRM
Hearing, seeing and feeling too much? About giftedness and high sensitivity Gifted people
How to choose appropriate professional support About choosing an appropriate professional counselor for you Gifted people
Gifted adult clients in mental health care Why is it necessary to take notice of giftedness during the screening procedure? Mental health care professionals
Sustainable Employment of Gifted Workers Insights of Positive Psychology Support Interaction with Gifted Employees at Work Managers, HR-professionals
Giftedness and ADHD About distractibility, impulsivity and concentration problems Gifted people
A gifted person goes to the doctor… What doctors and other care professionals should know about giftedness Medical doctors and other care professionals
Exceptional and Profound Giftedness What does being exceptionally gifted mean? How can we help these people to be successful? (Possibly) exceptional and profound gifted adults, professionals who work with gifted adults
Talking about being gifted Why, to whom and how? Gifted people