Very smart and without work. How is that possible?

Bruno Emans, Erik Visscher & Noks Nauta
Report in Dutch, 4 January 2017. Delft: IHBV (Gifted Adults Foundation). Original title: “Heel slim,
en toch zonder werk. Hoe kan dat? Rapport van het onderzoek naar hoogbegaafde volwassenen
zonder werk.”
English summary

Highlighting the bright side

Research report providing more insight into the positive aspects of work conflicts in the workplace of gifted adults.
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Gifted and burnout in the workplace: A mixed methods study

The Gifted Adults Foundation supported Akkelijn Elshof in her master thesis on gifted adults and burnout. Ms. Elshof also presented her study during the SENG 2016 Conference in Williamsburg, VA.
Click here for the full thesis (in english).

Gifted elders: A forgotten group

An article by Noks Nauta, Ellen Fiedler and Terry Friedrichs, who form the SENG Gifted Elders Initiative.
The giftedness of many gifted elders has never been recognized and remains unseen. For gifted elders, knowing about giftedness and becoming aware of their social and emotional needs can help them live happier and more fulfilling lives.
This article is informative and the authors also warmly invite people from all over the world to tell us stories (case studies and vignettes), in which gifted seniors tell us how their needs are being fulfilled or not. These examples may help us (and other researchers) to convey to gifted elders from varied backgrounds how these seniors can better meet their needs, in either residential homes or independent-living or care facilities.

The relationship between giftedness and PTSD

An exploration by Letitia de Jong, medical student at Groningen University at the request of the Gifted Adult Foundation (IHBV), August 2015. Abstract by Manon Savelkoul and Noks Nauta.
Translation into English: Michael Gerasimoff.

‘Unknown Intelligent’ The social and emotional needs of gifted elders

Marlies Bouwman & Mieke Geertsma wrote their bachelor thesis in applied psychology based on their study on the social and emotional needs of gifted seniors. Here is the English abstract of their thesis.

Qualitative study on the knowledge about gifted seniors

Rebecca Aryee performed a qualitative study related to her bachelor study in applied psychology. She interviewed five professionals working in the care for the elderly. Here is the English abstract of her study.

Gifted adult students: tips on studying

A master thesis of a student at Open University The Netherlands (November 2013) informed us about a qualitative study into the studying experiences of gifted adults who went back to college. Based on this study, and combined with informal interviews with gifted adults, the following tips were formulated.

Full article

Other publications

The following publications are available in English:


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