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The gifted adults foundation IHBV publishes leaflets based on frequently asked questions.
These leaflets are one-paged documents about a specific theme in relation to giftedness.

The IHBV leaflets are, along with for instance articles and presentations, one of the ways in which the Gifted Adults Foundation (IHBV) distributes knowledge on giftedness in adults.
These leaflets may be shared only in their complete version and with a reference to this IHBV website. Using parts of the text or other ways of using them is not allowed.

The following leaflets are available in English:

Do you have suggestions to more giftedness-related subjects?
Please contact secretariaat@ihbv.nl.

If you want to react on some of the above mentioned leaflets, please contact mw A.P. (Noks) Nauta: noksnauta@ihbv.nl

You will find leaflets in Dutch here and German leaflets on our German page.